Warden 1.3.2 released & new Web App UI designs

The new version of Warden has been released. It’s a rather minor update concerning only core Warden package, however it includes a feature that I was asked for a quite some time - a possibility to dynamically reconfigure the already existing Warden instance.


In order to reconfigure the already existing Warden instance, please make use of the available method Reconfigure() which exposes the fluent builder via Action lambda expression, that will update the already existing configuration dynamically. From now on you can also remove the previously added watchers, for example like this:

var warden = WardenInstance.Create(configuration);
warden.Reconfigure(cfg => cfg.AddWatcher(watcherInstance)

Redis watcher update

There was a PR #136 back then, which fixed a bug about invalid handling of the closed connections. The Redis watcher was also updated to the version 1.3.2.

Next steps

We’re still working on the Warden Stack and eventually getting the new UI designs that will be ready to apply to the web application. Also, the whole microservices stack is evolving, so still, it’s going to take us some time to adapt these new patterns, but it will be worth waiting. Just take a look at our latest designs! :)

Warden landing page Warden register view Warden login login view Warden dashboard view Warden organizations view Warden organization details view Warden warden details view

Written on March 2, 2017