Warden 1.3.1 released

The new version of Warden has been released. It’s not as big update, as the version 1.3.0, however it contais some minor updates towards making the Warden extensions available cross-platform. All of the packages (core, watchers and integrations) are ready to be installed via NuGet.

Cross-platform updates

The following packages now work correctly with .NET Core framework:

For the SendGrid integration I implemented a temporal (hopefully) solution based on HttpClient library. It supports both - raw email messages (text or HTML) and transactional templates, the only difference is that you can no longer use username & password for authentication - only API key is supported. I hope that SendGrid dev team will implement soon the official client.

Remote machine support for performance watcher

From now on, you can configure Performance Watcher to connect to the remote host - just make use of the optional parameter machineName.

Updated tests

Test projects were updated to work with the latest version of MSpec, which means you can run them on .NET Core platform.

Contribution guidelines

In order to make it simpler for all of the great people out there that support this project either by reporting issues or creating the new pull requests, I added a short article about contributing.

Next steps

We’re working on the Warden Stack which will be built as a set of microservices with the API acting as a gateway on top and of course a new web applicaton for the end users. The whole stack will be available to run within a Docker containers, so if you would like to host everything on your own it will be very simple - just run a docker-compose and you’re good to go. We’re aiming to have the first version of this stack ready (including a web application with basic metrics) till the end of the year.

And that’s the first grasp of the new UI concept (colors and the general idea).


Written on November 11, 2016