Cachet integration

Thew new integration with the Cachet will let you to make use of these beautiful status pages along with the running instance of the Warden monitoring application. Cachet integration can be configured seamlessly within a few lines of code.

var wardenConfiguration = WardenConfiguration
    .IntegrateWithCachet("http://localhost/api/v1", "access_token_or_credentials"), cfg =>
    .SetHooks((hooks, integrations) =>
        hooks.OnIterationCompletedAsync(iteration => 
              OnIterationCompletedCachetAsync(iteration, integrations.Cachet()))
    //Configure watchers, hooks etc..

    private static async Task OnIterationCompletedCachetAsync(IWardenIteration iteration,
        CachetIntegration cachet)
        await cachet.SaveIterationAsync(iteration);

Cachet integration is available as a NuGet package.

Install-Package Warden.Integrations.Cachet
Written on July 28, 2016